For Contract Law knowledge is power

Contract Law is a perfect example of what Lawyers do.

We help clients avoid disputes and we help clients resolve disputes. When we prepare or review a contract with you we are trying to help you avoid disputes. When we help enforce your contract we are helping you resolve a dispute.

With computers and the internet it is easy to locate forms of contracts and fill in the blanks. That’s not what lawyers do. You don’t hire a lawyer for their typing skill; you hire a lawyer for their experience and knowledge.

Many people sign contract without reading them, most sign contracts without reading the entire contract or understanding all the terms. Often nothing goes wrong but sometimes it does. If you are negotiating or signing a contract ask yourself if you are OK if the deal goes sour. Can you afford to lose your business, savings, or? If the answer is no then you need an experienced lawyer to review that contract and perhaps help in negotiating and drafting the terms. That is dispute avoidance.

Remember Dispute avoidance is far less expensive than dispute resolution.


If you need help understanding, drafting or enforcing a Contract

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