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Corporate Law:  Are you thinking of incorporating a company?

If you are thinking of setting up a business our team of Corporate Lawyers can help you understand which business model best meets your needs.  Incorporating a company is one choice.

Lawyers are not the only ones who incorporate companies but we believe you should choose a lawyer to incorporate your company. 

Many people may go to a registry office to buy a company.  Unfortunately that means they usually have not received any legal advice about how the company should be structured, what types of shares should be issued or who should be a director and what are the risk of being a director. If their business is unsuccessful that may not matter but for the successful business they usually to amend the corporations governing documents.  However sometimes we can not undo bad decisions.

If you operate a corporation we can assist in keeping your corporate records up to date and in compliance with the Business Corporations Act. We can also provide you with advice on unanimous shareholders agreement, restructuring, amalgamation and registering your corporation other jurisdictions.

The experienced lawyers at Cooper & Company are here to provide you with sound advice when you need us.


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